1. Prepare the reception card in the meeting room of the company, cleaning the negotiation room of the company, coffee and tea, some candy and cookies, small gifts and product sample(if required) will all be set.










(1) The personnel department and the administration department shall arrange reception including vehicles according to requirements and the comfortable vehicles will be prepared.

(2) Confirm the arriving time at the airport in advance, a reception card will be prepared to remind customer.

(3) After receiving guests, we will help customers with their luggage.

(4) Have pleasant topics with customer casually in the car. If the customer is tired, we will keep the car quiet and let the customer have a good rest.








  1. We will bring customers to nearby entertainment facilities, shopping malls and scenic resort for sightseeing.
  2. Deicide restaurant half a day or one day earlier. In order to ensure the cuisine is palatable, we will ask customers about their preference—exquisite traditional Chinese cuisine or western cuisine.
  3. Cozy hotel will be arranged in advance.
  4. Visit

Tour route: company building – various departments – certificate exhibition – factory (on-site machine testing)








After having a heat-warming conversation, customers will have a brief understand of our company profile and some details about the machine we offer. Then if we will take them to our factories to run machine testing, during which, customers can touch and operate the machine under the guidance of professional personnel. Thus customers will have a fully understand of the high quality of our product.














If customers have extra time, they can also arrange to visit the scenic spots with local characteristics. We will make customers feel at home!