Shuliy’s purchase process

Our customers come from many different countries and from a wide range of industries. As a result, customers have different knowledge about products and the import/export trade. Therefore customers have different focuses on their needs. The buying process in the face of other customers is as follows.

1. Customers who are making foreign trade transactions for the first time. This type of customer has no experience in buying, we will explain in detail to the customer every aspect of the purchase process. Our purchase process generally includes the pre-sales introduction of the machine, in-sales communication and payment details, after-sales service, etc. The detailed process is shown below.

2. Experienced customers. We also have many customers who specialize in import and export. This customer is familiar with the buying process and generally has a freight forwarder in China. Therefore, this type of customer generally focuses on aspects of the product that they know information about. For example, the parameters of the machine, details, pictures, videos, certificates, power, etc. The following is a diagram of the corresponding purchase process.

Whether the buyer is familiar with the foreign trade process or not, Shuliy will consider the problem from the customer’s point of view. We offer and recommend the most suitable machine solution to our customers, answer all kinds of questions and provide the best quality service.