Shrimp crackers production line

Shrimp crackers production line

The shrimp crackers production line is an automatic production line consisting of single machine equipment. Such as powder mixer, extruder, forming machine, cutting machine, and slicer to produce shrimp crackers. The production line can process different colors of shrimp crackers according to different materials. And it is mainly suitable for the production of small and medium-sized food processing plants.


Our shrimp crackers production line has two models 6FSJ-100 and 6FSJ-400, which have different outputs. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Basic working principle: After mixing the powder, it is processed into shrimp sticks by extrusion molding, followed by drying, and then cutting and forming shrimp crackers.

Advantages of the shrimp crackers production line:

1. Mature technology: Equipment mechatronics design. The shrimp chip machine consists of an electric heating device, a screw extrusion device, a forming die and a motor. One machine is multi-purpose, with stable and reliable performance.
2. Environmental protection and hygiene: No smoke emission during the production process.
3. Automatic temperature control: Electric heating and electronic automatic temperature control are adopted, and a new process of cooking, curing and molding is adopted. This results in a smaller temperature difference in shrimp stick production, more even heating and better taste.
4. Simple operation: The entire production line is composed of independent stand-alone equipment, which is more convenient for maintenance. The cutting speed of the slicer is adjustable, and the thickness of the shrimp slices is controllable.



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