customer visiting for plastic shredder
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Last Monday, a Somali customer sourcing in China visited the Shuliy factory and finally ordered an HDPE plastic bottle crusher with a capacity of 800 kg/h. This article describes the process of the Somali customer purchasing a plastic bottle crusher from the Shuliy factory and how the Shuliy factory served the Somali customers.

Customer visiting for HDPE plastic bottle crusher

Customer profile

This Somali customer is a buyer of a local company and recently visited China to purchase plastic recycling related equipment. After browsing our website, the customer was interested in our plastic crusher and asked us for a quotation.

How did Shuliy serve the Somalia customer?

Understanding the client’s specific needs, we promptly invited them to our factory for a firsthand experience. The client expressed a focus on processing various HDPE plastic bottles.

To showcase the machine’s capabilities, we collaborated with the client in conducting a live demonstration using the targeted materials.

Impressed by the effective performance of our plastic bottle crusher, the Somali client was quick to place an order.

The machine, with a processing capacity of 800KG/H, aligns perfectly with their requirements. This successful partnership underscores Shuliy Factory’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and high-quality machinery for global clients in the plastic recycling industry.

Key features of Shuly’s HDPE plastic bottle crusher

  • High crushing capacity: Capable of processing up to 800KG/H, ensuring efficient recycling.
  • Versatile material handling: Specifically designed for HDPE plastic bottles, providing a tailored solution.
  • Demonstrated performance: Live demonstrations showcase the machine’s effectiveness, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Prompt and responsive service: Shuliy Factory’s commitment to understanding and meeting client needs promptly.

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The Shuliy factory has provided plastic recycling-related solutions and processing equipment to thousands of customers and has rich experience.

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