We have four models of large-yield peanut shellers, and their output is different. They are TY-1500, TY-16000, TY-20000, TY-3500. These machines use the principle of hierarchical peeling, first peeling large peanuts, then peeling small peanuts. This improves the peeling rate and reduces the damage rate.
The main components are the mainframe, the feeding hopper, the screen with the left and right spiral plates, and the rollers, conveying lifter, pipes, etc, of which the number of drums and screens can be customized according to your requirements.
The combination of a closed screen box and a dedicated fan achieves suspension sorting. The movable screen on the side is a historic breakthrough for the combined peanut shelling machine. The stem removing system setting reduces functional consumption, protecting the internal structure of the sheller, and accelerating transmission efficiency.
At the same time, this peanut sheller is simpler in structure and more environmentally friendly and is the ideal equipment for peanut processing farmers.