In the past, people used to pick peanuts by hand, which was a very difficult task for farmers who planted peanuts in a large area. Peanut picker solves this problem, and it brings convenience to farmers. In recent years, we optimize our peanut picking machine and make it easier to pick peanut from a seedling. When the machine picks the peanut, we pay more attention to the damage rate of the peanut, and our peanut picker keeps this rate within an acceptable range with high peanut picking efficiency. Besides, the final peanuts contain fewer impurities.

This small size peanut picker machine is very suitable for individual use with a capacity of 800-100kg peanut per hour. It can match with a 7.5kw motor or 10HP diesel engine. Also, it can work in the field at high speed. What you should know is that its picking rate is 99% and breaking rate and impurity rate is less than 1%, so you can get very good peanuts finally. The lifter at the end of the machine is conducive to collect peanuts, filtering the impurities again.