Fried food flavoring machine

Fried food flavoring machine

The fried food flavoring machine widely spreads in the food processing machinery. Automatic fried food flavouring machine is applied in mixing and blending fried food.  Its uses cover peanut, popcorn, soybean, fruit chips, potato chips,etc. This fried food seasoning machine is the most horizontal flavoring machine among food manufacturing machines.


The rotary seasoning machine has features of integrates electromagnetic, light control, electronic control and digital delay, and has high automation. After the seasoning machine starts, the material falls into the drum and is moved upward by the stirring blades. Then Material dropped from above, and mix with the seasoning powder. During the working process, the seasoning powder is always kept in the dusting box. When the seasoning is insufficient, it should be added in time.


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Model Dimension weight power capacity
SL2400 2400*1000*1500 300 0.75 1000kg/h
SL3000 3000*1000*1600 380 1.1 1500kg/h