forage baler machine for shipping

With meticulous negotiation and thoughtful service, Shuliy Factory successfully reached a trade agreement with the Jordanian distributor for the TZ-70 forage baler machine and related accessories, capable of processing 50-65 pieces/hour.

forage baler machine of Shuliy
forage baler machine of Shuliy

Customer Profile for Forage Baler Machine

Earlier this year, a farm machinery equipment distributor from Jordan embarked on a procurement journey in China, exploring various types of machinery.

Through in-depth research of the Chinese market, the customer expressed keen interest in the forage baler machine produced by Shuliy Factory.

Being conveniently located near our factory, we arranged transportation and invited the customer for an onsite visit to explore our production facilities and sample displays.

forage baling machine for sale
forage baling machine for sale

Customized Solutions to Meet Shipping Container Needs

Learning that the Jordanian customer’s 40-foot container still had available space, we provided detailed product quotations and model lists to assist the customer in making the best selection.

Based on specific requirements, we recommended the TZ-70 high-efficiency forage baler machine, capable of bundling 50 to 65 bales of forage per hour, significantly boosting forage processing efficiency.

Furthermore, to ensure a comprehensive solution, we thoughtfully equipped the customer with 36 rolls of high-quality wrapping material and 20 durable net ropes to meet daily operational needs.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of automation in enhancing overall work efficiency, we suggested an automatic loading machine with a capacity of 5 cubic meters for continuous and efficient forage processing.

Value-added Services Deepen Cooperation

To further enhance our cooperation and optimize the customer’s user experience, Shuliy Factory provided an additional complimentary cart for convenient transportation of completed forage bales.

This gesture was highly appreciated by the customer. After a thorough understanding of product performance, pricing advantages, and supporting services, the customer expressed satisfaction and placed an order through their agent in China, paying a deposit in RMB to confirm the order.


Currently, these agricultural machinery equipment are ready for shipment, poised to cross borders and serve the vast number of farmers and ranchers in Jordan, further enhancing local forage processing mechanization.

This collaboration not only showcases the quality and efficiency of Chinese manufacturing but also demonstrates Shuliy Factory’s professional expertise and brand influence in the global agricultural machinery market.

If you also have needs for the farm-use silage baler machines, welcome to contact us for quotations.