Big round silage baler machine

Big round silage baler machine

Like the small silage round baler, this big-size silage baler can also be used for silage of corn stalks, ryegrass, alfalfa, reeds, peanut seedlings, cotton stalks, etc. Facts have proved that it can handle the same raw materials as the silage special baler.


The big round silage baler machine is our newest silage baling machine. It is mainly composed of the following units: feeding unit, bundling unit, chassis support unit, film wrapping unit, film cutting unit, control unit, and power unit. Two layers of film wrapped the round bale together at the same time when the large round baler machine working, so the wrapping speed is faster and the effect is better.
The big-size round baler equips a 2.1 meters conveyor belt to ensure that the bale conveying speed and reliability. It can be normal work even when working on uneven or sloping ground. The operation screen can choose button type or touch screen according to your preference. The bale size is 700*690mm. Productivity: 40-50 bale/hour.


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Model TZY-70
Machine Size 3000*1800*1950 mm
Machine Weight 1100kg
power 11kw+0.55kw+0.75kw+0.37kw
Productivity 40-50 bale/hour
bale size Φ700*690mm
bale weight 200kg