Silage harvester machine

Silage harvester machine

This silage harvester and recycling machine are mainly used to cut silage and then crush them into small pieces by rotating blades. These small pieces are lifted to upload to the container. The harvested straw can be directly used for silage.


This silage harvester machine can process grain stalks such as corn stalk, sorghum straw, cotton straw, banana stalk, and other grasses. The final product can feed animals and add the nutrition of soil etc. This silage harvester needs to match with a 60Hp tractor and its capacity can reach 0.25-0.48 m2/h. The harvesting width is 1.3 m. We also have other types with 1.35 m, 1.5 m, 1.65 m, 1.7 m, 1.8 m, 2m cutting width. You can choose one according to your needs. Also, we can customize this type of straw harvester machine for you.
With different cutting width, the parameter is different as well, and the specification of 2.4m cutting width is as follow. 58 sets blades are installed on the silage harvester machine, and it should match with more than 90HP tractor. Straw recycling machines mainly composed of the following parts. crushing chamber, hydraulic automatic unloading device, 60HP tractor, crushed straw container, PTO drove, Hydraulic device.


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