Semi-automatic nursery seeding machine

Semi-automatic nursery seeding machine

The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine is specially design to cultivate vegetable and flower seeds into seedlings in the greenhouse. This is very suitable for farmers who do not have high budget, but still aspire to plant seedlings with high survival rate.


The semi-automatic nursery seeding machine can cover the film, protect moisture, control temperature, and extend the age of seedlings. After using the manual nursery seedling machine, the seedlings emerge neatly, and the seedlings are short and healthy, which is conducive to transplanting and easy to survive.

The plug seedling machines are time-saving, labor-saving, and highly efficient in specialized production. The seedlings in trays plant with precision, and the seedlings formed at one time. The seedlings cultivated by the tray method have strong drought resistance, and the transplanting does not damage the roots. There is no slow nursery period, so it is conducive to planting and has a high survival rate.

The cost of tray seedlings is low. After applying the tray, the overall cost can be reduced by 30%~50%.


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