This trough log debarker machine is also known as the groove wood peeler machine. The electric wood debarking machine can quickly peel dry and wet wood or branches with a diameter of less than 500 mm. The model of this machine is mainly set according to the length of the logs to be peeled.

The trough log debarker is quite different from the drum type wood debarker in outlook and functions. The main structure of the trough wood peeling machine is a u-shaped trough.

There are usually one or two spiral cutters inside the tank, which are mainly used for peeling all kinds of logs. The number of spiral cutters in the machine tank is determined according to the processing capacity and model of the machine. Generally, the log peeling machine with two spiral cutters has a larger processing capacity.

The bottom of the U-shaped groove of the wood peeling machine generally has many square holes, which can make the bark and other debris leak during the processing.

Generally, in many large and medium-sized wood processing plants, producers will also choose to install an automatic conveyor belt under the log peeling tank. So that during the production process, barks and other debris can be automatically transported to a fixed pile to reduce the labor work of manually cleaning the wood peels.