Peanut butter grinding machine

Peanut butter grinding machine

Peanut butter grinding machine is a piece of equipment widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, daily chemistry, pharmaceutical industry and construction industry. It can be applied in crushing, emulsifying, and comminuting. Peanut butter grinder machine consists of a 130-type stainless steel, semi-stainless steel and semi-steel colloid mill, which is a device for the fine grinding of fluid and semi-fluid materials.


Our company has taken advanced technology and made horizontal peanut grinder machines. The rotation speed of the peanut grinder can be switched. So it does well in processing a wide range of grains, such as aloe, pineapple, sesame, ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice, soybean, bean milk, protein, soy milk, dairy products, hose, essence, all kinds of beverages, etc. We provide customers two types of peanut butter grinding machine. They are peanut butter colloid mill and stone grinding machine. Peanut grinding machine is cheap but of high-quality. Our peanut grinders are popular among peanut butter making plant, individual peanut butter merchant as well as farmers farming peanuts. Horizontal milling machines(grinding mill machine) are exported to countries around the world, such as Philippines, India, Kenya and South Africa.


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