Medical and sanitary products packaging machine

Medical and sanitary products packaging machine

This packing machine can complete product packing automatically. It is suitable for a soft, long strip, loose packing of the towel, paper towel, fresh wet noodle, egg roll, sausage, squid, vegetables, needle, and fruits, etc. It can be used in food, chemical, medical, and other industries.


This machine is suitable for packaging soft, shapeless things. For example, masks, towels, disposable tableware, fresh wet noodles, needle, etc. The packaging film is from below up to the molder. In addition to ordinary motors, servo motors can also be selected. The pillow-type packing machine equipped with a servo motor, so it can automatically sense the length of the material. And then IT will be cut after sensing the material. When the materials do not arrive, the packaging film and the cutter will not work to prevent waste.


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