A large-scale agricultural machinery retailer based in the UK, specializing in importing and retailing various types of agricultural machinery from global markets such as China and the Middle East, placed a significant order for corn seed planters from the renowned Shuliy agricultural equipment manufacturing factory in China to meet market demand.

corn planters stock in Shuliy factory
corn planters stock in Shuliy factory

Market Insight and Product Research of Corn Seed Planter

With a reputation for keen market insight and strict quality control, the UK dealer embarked on an international procurement process and identified Chinese-manufactured corn seed planters as a potential addition to their product lineup.

After thorough research, they contacted Shuliy, a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer in China.

Tailored Product Offerings

Shuliy Factory provided detailed product quotations tailored to the specific needs of the UK customer, offering various models of corn seed planters, including 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row configurations.

Quality Assurance and Production Capacity

To ensure product quality and production capabilities, the UK customer conducted a remote video tour of Shuliy Factory’s production line and quality inspection processes.

Impressed by the factory’s technical expertise and production capacity, the customer proceeded with the order.

Optimal Shipping Solutions

Initially planning to purchase four units each of 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row corn seed planters, the Shuliy team proposed a rationalized packing suggestion, utilizing available container space more efficiently.

The UK customer embraced this suggestion, increasing the order for 3-row corn seed planters by an additional four units, optimizing overall procurement efficiency.


This successful transaction highlights Shuliy Factory’s commitment to exceptional product quality, customer service, and flexible solutions.

By collaborating with the British dealer, Shuliy not only expands its international market reach but also helps customers maximize logistics cost-effectiveness, contributing to agricultural mechanization and meeting the urgent demand for high-quality corn seed planters in the UK.