Industrial sawdust dryers and rice husk drying machines mainly include airflow dryers and rotary drum dryers. The sawdust drying machine can dry sawdust, rice husks, wood chips, straw scraps, etc. with a moisture content of less than 60% to make the moisture content less than 10%.

The dried sawdust and rice husk can be used to process sawdust briquettes, pini-kay, wood pellets, wood boards, paper, furniture, etc. The heat source of the sawdust and rice husk drying machine mainly uses the heat of burning biomass raw materials, and the heat can be recycled during the drying process, which is very energy-saving. Due to their high drying efficiency, these commercial sawdust dryer machines are often used in various charcoal production lines and paper mills.

At present, the drying equipment used for drying sawdust and rice husk is mainly air-flow sawdust dryer and drum sawdust dryer. The appearance, structure, working principle, processing capacity, and application scenarios of these two automatic dryer machines are very different.