Pini kay wood briquettes are considered eco hot logs. This is because the raw materials used to make pini kay logs are usually various agricultural and forestry wastes, such as branches, straws, rice husks, logs, wood scraps, etc.

Sawdust pini kay briquettes are popular in many countries by recycling and reusing these biomass resources to produce high calorific value and easy-to-use sawdust pini kay briquettes. In many power plants, steel plants, canteens, hospitals, etc., pini kay heat logs are widely used fuels.

The industrial wood sawdust briquettes production line mainly extrudes sawdust or rice husks at high temperatures and high pressures into biomass fuel called pini kay heat logs. This pin kay briquettes processing plant mainly includes the wood sawdust crusher, the sawdust dryer, and the sawdust briquetting machine.

The biomass briquettes produced by the pini kay heat logs plant can be mainly used as fuel. And these solid biomass fuels are often used in boilers, restaurants, fireplaces, and other heating equipment. Large-scale production of sawdust briquettes must rely on a complete pini kay briquettes processing plant, with an output between 500kg/h and 2t/h.