The sawdust drying machine can quickly reduce granular materials with a moisture content of 45% -60% to below 10%. For the fast drying of sawdust and rice husk in the wood processing plants, the airflow dryer, and the drum dryer can be considered. These two types of drying equipment are very efficient and have been exported to many foreign countries, such as Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Chile, Canada, etc.

Airflow dryers and rotary dryers are both common equipment for drying sawdust and rice husk, but these two dryers are very different in appearance, structure and working principle.

Our sawdust drying machines come in many models and specifications. We can recommend the most suitable dryer model for customers according to the types of customers’ materials, moisture content, and processing requirements. We can also customize the appropriate sawdust dryer according to customer needs.