The continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of charcoal machine equipment. It is used for the mass production of rice husk charcoal and coconut shell charcoal. This industrial charcoal carbonizing furnace kiln is the upgrade of the traditional earth charcoal kiln in many Africa areas.

The carbonization furnace can directly carbonize straw chips, rice husks, wood chips, sawdust, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, bamboo scraps, and other biomass materials. It can also carbonize all kinds of wastes with wide applications, such as paper mill wastes, wood factory wastes, plastic wastes, medical wastes, and municipal solid wastes.

This continuous charcoal furnace is often used in various specifications of charcoal briquettes production lines and large-scale charcoal processing plants, such as hookah charcoal production line, barbecue charcoal production line, honeycomb coal production line, etc. Charcoal carbonized by continuous carbonization furnace can be used for industrial metallurgy, chemical, and pharmaceutical, soil improvement, deodorization operations, waste treatment, water purification, and household harmful gas removal.