The automatic meat skewer machine can simulate the work of manual meat skewering and quickly thread all kinds of fresh meat onto bamboo skewers or metal skewers. This innovative meat skewering machine streamlines the process of skewering meat, offering a high production capacity of approximately 3000 skewers per hour.

Ideal for kebab shops, restaurants, and food establishments, this machine replaces manual labor, ensuring uniformity and precision in meat skewering. Embrace automation to meet the demands of your processing needs with Shuliy’s reliable and advanced meat skewer solution.

commercial meat skewer machine
commercial meat skewer machine

Applications of meat skewering machine

This meat skewer machine can process all kinds of meat skewers, such as beef skewers, mutton skewers, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, chicken heart skewers, chicken crispy bone skewers, and other skewers. The meat skewers processed by this machine are uniform in size clean and hygienic.

meat skewers
meat skewers

Features of meat skewer machine

  • The automatic meat skewer threading machine adopts advanced digital control technology, combining sensor control and pneumatic control organically, which completely realizes the whole process of auto-signing and auto-skewer threading.
  • The main machine is made of stainless steel and food-grade PE material, which meets international food hygiene requirements.
  • Users can add the ingredients they want to add to the meat skewer at any position according to their preference; the length of the meat skewer can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range.
  • This automatic meat skewer threading machine is the ideal choice for meat skewer producers, individual users, restaurants, and so on.

Parameters of Shuliy’s meat skewers threading machine

Stick length25-30cm
Stick diameter2.5-3mm
meat skewer parameters

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