Dry ice container is a container specially used to store and transport dry ice pellets and dry ice blocks. Shuliy factory dry ice boxes are available in various capacities, the common ones are 18 liters, 28 liters, 48 ​​liters, 78 liters, 118 liters, 315 liters, etc.

The dry ice container is made of PE material on the outside and polyurethane material on the inside. It is resistant to high and low temperatures and will not deform or break due to alternation of hot and cold.

Features of dry ice storage containers

The dry ice storage box is made of imported low-temperature-resistant PE engineering plastics and has a thick insulation layer of more than 70 mm, which can effectively reduce the evaporation of dry ice.

The dry ice storage box with the SL-60 model is the common one for storing and transporting dry ice pellets or dry ice blocks. Its internal volume is 68 liters and this model can store more than 70kg of block dry ice or more than 60kg of granular dry ice. This model of dry ice heat preservation box can stand temperatures of about minus 80 degrees and it has good heat preservation, wear resistance, and impact resistance.

The model SL-60 can store more than 320kg of block dry ice or more than 260kg of granular dry ice. Both the two models of dry ice heat preservation boxes can be designed with fixed foot or movable rollers, we can also customize the box according to the customers’ requirements.

Why choose Shuliy’s dry ice containers?

Dry refrigerators are mainly used to store and transport dry ice. The temperature of dry ice is -78.5 degrees, which ordinary plastic materials cannot withstand.

Moreover, ordinary plastic boxes are prone to freezing and cracking under alternating hot and cold conditions.

However, the ultra-low temperature-modified PE material selected for Shuliy’s dry ice incubator solves this problem and extends the service life of the dry refrigerator.