Dry ice blasting machine also named dry ice cleaning machine and dry ice blaster, which is the most important equipment in the dry ice cleaning field. The raw materials for cleaning by this machine are mainly dry ice pellets which are always made by the dry ice pellet machine. Therefore, the whole dry ice cleaning system usually can be divided into two parts: dry ice pellets making machine and dry ice blasting machine.

The role of a dry ice pellet machine is to make liquid carbon dioxide into a certain specification of dry ice particles or dry ice cubes. Dry ice blasting and cleaning machine adopts the special configuration of the air compressor to make the compressed air. Put the dry ice pellets(3mm is the better) into the dry ice blasting machine, under the driving of compressed air, high-density dry ice particles or fine dry ice powder will be sprayed with compressed air to the surface of the object to be cleaned, so as to play a role in cleaning.