Dry ice block machines are commercially available molding machines that take liquid carbon dioxide and pressurize and condense it to make solid dry ice blocks. Dry ice blocks made by dry ice block press machine are widely used in cold chain transportation and cryopreservation of food and drugs.

dry ice blocks with different thickness
dry ice blocks with different thickness

Dry ice block maker machine can process different sizes of dry ice blocks and users can adjust the thickness of dry ice blocks according to their needs. The dry ice block maker machine of the Shuliy factory is available in various models with an output of 50 to 300 pieces of dry ice per hour.

Dry ice block machine working video

dry ice block maker video

Dry ice block press machine parameters

Model: SL-HR-KZ-120

Power: 4kw

Weight: 320kg

Capacity: 120-180kg/hour

Dry ice block size: 125*105*(15-70)mm, thickness is adjustable

Dry ice density: 1550kg/m³

Liquid to solid CO2 conversion ratio ≥ 42%

Dimensions: 125cm*60cm*128cm

Model: SL-HR-KZ-240

Power: 8kw

Weight: 800kg

Capacity: 200-300kg/h

Block dry ice specifications: 125* 105* (18-70) mm, thickness is adjustable

Dry ice density: 1450-1550kg/m³

Liquid to solid CO2 conversion ratio ≥ 42%

Dimensions: 142cm*120cm*148cm

Notes: The above two models of dry ice block machines are the best sellers in our Shuliy factory. When using these two machines, customers can adjust the device on the machine independently to process the thickness of the dry ice block according to their needs. The weight of dry ice blocks processed by these two types of machines is usually 1kg and 2kg, if you want to process dry ice bricks with a weight of 5kg or 10kg, our factory can also provide suitable dry ice block machines for you.

Main features of Shuliy’s dry ice block maker machine

The dry ice block machine has high working efficiency in making dry ice blocks. It can be many types and models. In general, the larger the output of the dry ice block machine, the larger its size will be.

Its output ranges from 120kg/h to 1000kg/h, and the size and shape of the dry ice blocks can be adjusted according to the type of machine. Usually, the thicker the dry ice produced, the greater the yield of the machine.

dry ice bricks making
dry ice bricks making

Applications of commercial dry ice block machine

The dry ice block can be widely used in many fields, especially for use in food and drug refrigeration and transportation, aviation catering, cold chain transportation, cold storage refrigeration, and so on. When the dry ice blocks are made, we can use the dry ice heat preservation box to keep them at a low temperature.

solid dry ice blocks
solid dry ice blocks

What clients have we served about dry ice block makers?

We, Shuliy Factory, have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting machinery for more than 10 years and have served a large number of domestic and foreign customers with dry ice machine needs.

Most of the customers ordering dry ice block maker machines from our factory are engaged in cold chain transportation, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and scientific research institutes.

At present, we have exported and installed dry ice block machines in many countries, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Holland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Peru and so on.

Besides dry ice block press machines, our factory also supplies other dry ice production equipment, such as dry ice pellet machines, dry ice cleaning machines, and dry ice storage tanks of various sizes. If you have any demands, please feel free to ask us.

Shuliy dry ice machines for sale
Shuliy dry ice machines for sale