Incense stick packaging machine

Incense stick packaging machine

This machine can run continuously for a long time. It has a good sealing performance and a beautiful packaging effect. It can also print the production date, piercing holes (round holes, triangle holes, etc.) simultaneously. Type the parameters, and the machine can automatically count and pack the products.


A series of incense packaging machines we produced can be used for counting and packaging incenses such as Buddha incense, mosquito incense, long incense, fly incense, six-generation incense, stick incense, bamboo stick incense, etc. The incense stick packaging machine also called agarbatti packing machine. We have produced this agarbatti counting and sealing packaging machine according to the characteristics of various incense in the world. Now, we have an incense stick packing machine, agarbatti pouch packing machine, Indiamart agarbatti packing machine, agarbatti counting and packing machine, automatic agarbatti packing machine, etc.


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