Corn grit making machine

Corn grit making machine

The maize grinding machine is very suitable for small workshops and farmers. Because the processed corn can feed cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock. Of course, Corn grits are very nutritious and very suitable for people. Corn grits are the most popular food in shopping malls or markets.


corn grit making machine can process maize into large corn grits, small corn grits, and cornflour. Maize grits making machine can complete cleaning, peeling, black germ removal, root removal, black navel removal, crushing, grinding, grading, and polishing of corn grits at one time. It can produce different meshes corn grits and cornflour.
We manufacture four models of corn grits making machine, they are PH, C2, T1 and T3. These machines are compact in structure, simple in operation, and it is energy-saving, efficient, and durable. They can equip with electric motors or diesel engines as power.


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Model Capacity Power Weight Size
C2 200kg/h 7.5kw 400kg 1900*500*1200mm
PH 200-300kg/h 11kw 510kg 2000*650*1300mm
T1 200kg/h 7.5kw 350kg 1900*600*1250mm
T3 300-400kg/h 7.5kw+4kw 480kg 1400*2300*1300mm