Fish crusher

Fish crusher

The fish crusher is the common equipment in the fish meal production line, which is mainly used for cutting the big fish into smaller pieces. Usually, the crushed fish pieces with a size less than 5mm will be transported into the fish stewing machine for cooking and squeezing. The fish cutting machine is a necessary link for pretreating the fish before making the fishmeal.


We all know that the raw materials for making the fish powder are mainly the variety of fish, shrimp, crab, all kinds of fish heads and tails in fish processing factories, and animal internal organs in animal slaughterhouses. In order to improve the fish meal making efficiency, these raw materials should be processed first. This fish crusher is efficient for crushing the meat with big blocks into the required small pieces.

The electric fish cutting machine has a very compact structure, which is composed of the motor, mainframe body, fish inlet, and crushed fish outlet, and a pair of inner rolling cutters. The rolling cutters and the other parts of this machine are all made of high-quality stainless steel so that can make sure a long service life.

Before using this fish cutter, we should connect the power supply first. Then we put the big fish or another animal carcass into the cutter machine inlet continuously. The big meat blocks will be pressed and crushed quickly and fall down to the ground or a conveyor from the outlet.


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