PP PE flake recycling line mainly includes plastic crusher, plastic washing machine, dewatering machine, plastic pelletizing machine, cooling tank, cutting machine, etc. This plastic recycling production line is mainly used to deal with waste hard flakes. Common raw materials are plastic baskets and plastic barrels made of PE, PP. The Shuliy Group can match different production lines, design factories, and calculate factory areas according to customers’ different production needs, uses, and raw materials.

This PP PE flake recycling line mainly consists of a conveyor belt-crushing machine- rinsing tank – dewatering machine – conveyor – granulator – cooling tank – pelletizer and other components. It is also possible to configure exhaust gas purification devices, storage bins, bagging machines, and other related equipment according to customer needs. Through the above steps, the waste plastics are recycled for reprocessing. The entire production line from waste to finished products is easy to operate, with high efficiency, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.