Peanut harvester composes of a frame, power, transmission part, pick-off part, fan selection part, and vibration device, ground wheel, digging blade, roller chain, collecting screen, etc. Peanut seedling is conveyed to the back outlet quickly after harvesting by roller chain, which prevents them from sinking into the soil. There are no impurities after harvesting because the vibrating screen plays an essential role to collect peanuts and can make the product cleaner. Its breakage rate is less than 1%, and a great picking rate (98%) saves labor time and energy. Row spacing is adjustable(within 180-250mm).

The peanut harvester process

1. The operator connects the groundnut harvesting machine with the tractor firstly.

2. Carefully read the operation manual before using

3.Digging shovel of peanut harvester with sharp blade shovels soil at a certain angle

4. Peanut seedlings are reaped from the soil and then placed over the two sides of the machine.

5. Peanut seedlings are delivered to back position by roll chain and roller can protect peanut plant from sinking into the soil and make it easy to dig.