This is a hand-operated corn planter machine with double bins, and its capacity is 0.5acre/h. The manual planter can widely apply to sow maize, peanut, soybean, wheat, sorghum, etc. This planter is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a big wheel, two handles, a soil digger, a soil cover part, and a seed sowing part.
It needs two people when operating the manual planter, and it is easy to use and operate. The front person pulls the belt off the front wheel, and the back person pushes the machine to control the direction. Then the seeds inside the sowing device fall down the ground gradually following with the movement of two operators. Finally, the back little wheel covers the seeds with soil.
The green axis outside the storage bin of the seeder controls the seed dropping and screws of the green axis can change the storage bin. The spacing of sowing depends on the speed of the operator.