Combined corn harvester machine

Combined corn harvester machine

This is a combined corn harvester machine, it driven by tractor. This corn harvester is used to harvest corn from fields. It integrates the picking, conveying, peeling, packing and straw crushing as a whole, meeting the needs of users in different regions.


This combined corn harvester machine equip with straw returning device.  So you should cut corn as far as possible after the corn is ripened for 3 to 5 days. In this way, the corn kernel is full and the water content of them is low that is good for peeling the corn husk. In addition, yellow straw with low water content can be effectively crushed, reducing labor time.

There are 8 peeling rollers inside combined corn cutter machine that can remove the skin of corn after harvesting, saving labor time.

The combined corn harvester machine integrates picking, conveying, peeling, packing and straw crushing as a whole. The loss rate of corn is pretty low: less than 3%. There is a cab on the upper of the machine, and people can sit in it and drive machine easily.

We have two models of this machine. Their output is 0.15-0.3h㎡/h and 0.05-0.12h㎡/h.


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Model CH-2 CH-1
Cylinder 4 1
Dimension 4850*1450*2600mm 3950*910*1460mm
Weight 2680 700
Row 2 1
Cutting width 1135mm 650mm
Row spacing 420-890mm /
Max cutting height 2120mm /
Minimum distance from ground 150mm 200mm
Working speed 2.2-5.0km/h /
Capacity 0.15-0.3hm2/h 0.05-0.12hm2/h
Fuel consumption Less 25kg/hm2 /
Peeling roller Spiral rubber roller Spiral rubber roller
Peeling device 8 peeling roller 4 peeling roller
Shaft distance 2300mm /
width of straw returning to the field 930mm /
Wheel distance Front wheel(1200mm) 

Back wheel(1300mm