Maize flour grinding machine

Maize flour grinding machine

With the changes in people’s living, people’s requirements for small-scale maize flour milling machines have also increased. People require the maize flour machine with high productivity, low power consumption, and good quality.


The maize flour milling machine is an upgrade to the small roller mill. The machine can grind wheat, sorghum, corn, and other grains into flour. Due to the use of a high-pressure blower and a small storage tank with two silos, the machine is fully automatic. Without manual feeding during the entire process, but with pneumatic lifting. Therefore, it can save a lot of labor and improve the grinding capacity to a certain extent. Corn flour machine is a collection of sieving, crushing, and flour milling. The structure is simple, compact, and light.

We have three models with different output. They are 6F35, 6F40, 6F60. The output is 300-600 kg/h per hour.


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Model Capacity Power Weight Size
6F35 0.3t/h 9.7kw 800kg 2450*1000*3500 mm
6F40 0.35t/h 13.2kw 1000kg 2450*1000*3500 mm
6F60 0.6t/h 17.2kw 1500kg 2550*1000*3500 mm