Grain dryer machine

Grain dryer machine

A grain dryer refers to the hot-air drying box with a rotary heating device, which can generate a large amount of hot air in a short time. It can kill insects through high-temperature treatment, and uniformly dry all kinds of grain such as corn, wheat, millet sorghum, etc.


Our grain dryer machine integrates low-flow, mixed-flow, frequency conversion technology as a whole with wide application, while the screen plate cross-flow dryer has a smaller drying range, and can not dry small particles such as rapeseed and millet. The high-temperature dryer can only dry corn. The total power of our low-temperature rice dryer is 7.6KW without an additional transformer, which is convenient to install.
The grain drying layer of the screen cross-flow rice dryer is only 0.9-1.4 meters. The grain is heated for a short time, which is not conducive to the evaporation of water. In addition, grain dryer machine mesh is easy to block. This results in uneven heating of the grain, slow precipitation, and increases the crushing rate.
The screens of third-generation cross-flow dryers are often blocked by grain bran, which causes bad ventilation, uneven drying, high drying costs, and poor grain quality.


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Model 5HXG-10 5HXG-13 5HXG-15 5HXG-32
Weight(kg) 2900 3000 3200 7500
Capacity Rapeseed The minimum-the maximum(kg) 7500~10300 7500~13450 7500~14850 12000~31800
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h) 473~1135 607~1456 675~1620 1000~3500
Corn The minimum-the maximum(kg) 7500~10450 7500~13400 7500~16300 12000~32000
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h) 756~1261 971~1618 1080~1800 1000~3400
Wheat The minimum-the maximum(kg) 7500~10450 7500~13350 7500~16300 12000~32000
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h) 315~756 405~971 450~1080 1000~3250
Rice The minimum-the maximum(kg) 6500~8400 6500~10850 6500~15500 9000~30800
The minimum-the maximum(kg/h) 382~916 493~1184 548~1315 2600
Size Height(mm) 7330 8450 9871 11430
Length(mm) 4288 4770
Width(mm) 2738 5090
Fuel Biomass (branch, rice bran, straw, etc.), anthracite, oil, gas, hot gas
Power Conveying motor (kW) 2.25kW(3HP) 4.4kW
Exhaust motor (kW) 4.00kW(5HP) 8kW
Dust extraction motor (kW) 0.25kW(1/3HP) 0.25kW
Total power 6.5kW(82/3HP) 12.65kW
Property Drying time/minutes 47 57 63 69
The time of discharging/minutes 43 53 58 64
Drying capacity(t·%/h) 10-15 13 15-20 25-35
Grain reducing rate(%/h) Rice/wheat 0.5—1.5or more
Corn 1.0—2.0or more
Grain reducing rate(%/h) rapeseed 0.2—0.7or more