An automatic corn thresher is used to separating the corn kernels from the cob. The hot sale corn threshers in our company are TY-80A, TY-80B, TY-80C, TY-80D, and all are equipped with high capacity, that is, 4-6t/h. Automatic corn thresher machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, internal threshing and rolling device, air separation system including elevator, fan and chaff absorber, vibrating cleaning screen, frame, transmission system, etc. Corn threshed by this machine is very clean without impurities such as crushed corn cobs and corn rinds.
You can choose three ways to collect the corn seeds after threshing. One is to discharge the corn kernels directly on the ground for drying, the second is to use a collection bag for direct storage, and the third is to discharge the corn kernels on a collection cart, which can directly sell the corn to retailers.
During the operation, you can place a bag on the side of the machine to collect some impurities such as corn husk that is blown out by a draught fan. The most proficient feature is that a high lifter can filter the impurity again that will drop to the ground during operation, then we can get clean corn kernels.