9FQ-hammer mill

The hammer mill machine mainly smashes grain such as peanut, soybeans, corn, wheat, and cut grass or straw. The raw material is pulverized by a high-speed rotating of blade and hammers. We can see from the picture that this machine has a simple structure and it is easy to operate.


This hammer mill machine can equip with a diesel engine, and the output per hour is 600kg/h. This 9FQ-hammer mill machine has wide applications. It can be widely used for grinding corn, wheat, beans, corn and wheat stalk, and other grasses. This Corn grinding machine is equipped with different screens according to the different sizes of grain and stalk. Customers can choose the right screen according to requirements.
The outlet adopts a cyclone structure that greatly avoids the final powder flying in the air. The inner screen can change to fit different raw materials. 24pcs hammers inside the machine can fully grind the crop into fine powder. The machine has two big tires and brackets, so it has steady performance and easy operation.


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Model 9FQ-500 Hammer Mill
Power 15 HP diesel engine
Capacity 600kg/h
Hammer 24 pcs
Weight 150 kg
Size 2000*850*2200mm