Spring roll machine is specialized for making a lot of sheet pasta such as spring rolls, pancakes, egg cake, etc. Its thickness is adjustable, that is, 0.3-1.2mm, and you can customize it according to your needs. Spring rolls are popular in the world, especially in Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, etc., so spring rolls are very common food on the street and the stuffing includes many ingredients. It is often mixed with other materials to make very delicious food that is favored by the public, and you also can mix it with some sauce that will taste better.


1.The shape of the final spring rolls can keep intact. More importantly, our spring wrappers have no noise and pollution when working. This spring roll maker also has a movable door which makes the machine easier and simpler to clean and maintain.

2. It can better protect flour when producing spring rolls, which improves the taste of spring rolls.

3. Spring wrappers adopt the control cabinet to master the operation. When the spring rolls are produced, the proportion can be adjusted according to the different requirements, and it is very easy to adjust.

4. The thickness of the size of spring rolls is adjustable, and it ranges from 0.3 to 1.2mm.

5. The special design of the spring roll machine towards conveying screen and chain is beneficial for heat dissipation.