Mobile solar energy dryer

Mobile solar energy dryer

Our small mobile solar dryer is a new product suitable for families, individuals and small producers. Its temperature can be automatically controlled and adjusted by an intelligent temperature controller. The working temperature range is adjustable between 30-90 degrees. It can be used to dry vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, fruits, etc.

This product is small and flexible, avoids the influence of dust, rain, and other factors that are inevitable in traditional open-air drying, improves the drying speed, and the quality and color of the dried product are also better. Moreover, heat energy is generated by collecting sunlight, which saves a lot of dry electric energy. It is suitable for power-deficient areas and is an economical, green and energy-saving product.



Principle of solar dryer

The solar panels on the side of the solar dryer convert the solar energy into heat energy to heat the air in the thermal collector and make the temperature rise gradually. The hot air is fed into the drying room through the circulating fan to vaporize the moisture in the material continuously, and the water vapor is taken away in time by the dehumidifying fan to achieve the purpose of drying.

Advantages of the solar dehydrator

  • The quality of the product is better in terms of nutrients, hygiene, color.
  • It is labor-saving.
  • The product is protected against flies, pests, rain, dust.
  • The structure is sturdy, compact, and durable. No need to install, casters for easy movement.
  • The temperature can be adjusted at 30-90 degrees to meet the needs of different materials and has a wide range of applications.


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Model Solar panel Circulating fan Dehumidifying fan PTC electronic heater
SL-A 50W,12V,Direct current 16W,12V 16W,12V 1800W,220V
SL-B 50W,12V,Direct current 16W,12V Null Null
  1. Type A is suitable for most materials. It adopts a semi-open drying method to make full use of solar energy and does not require other energy assistance.
  2. Type B adds an electric heating device and a dehumidifying fan on the basis of Type A, which can dry all-weather and automatically remove moisture intermittently. This product requires a 220V power supply.