The puffed feather powder has a uniform texture, looseness and fragrance, good palatability, and fluidity. Feather meal contains about 75%-90% of crude protein, which can make the digestion and absorption rate of protein by animals reach over 85%.

The feed value of feather meal is actually not high, and it is mainly used to supplement the content of thioine in animal feed. However, feather meal has a significant effect on breeding, which is to reduce the phenomenon of anal pecking and feather pecking in chickens and ducks. This is because feather meal is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids.

The industrial feather meal processing line is a collective name for a series of processing equipment, mainly including elevators, feather puffing extruder machines, conveyors, feather meal crushers, dryers, dust collectors, deodorizing equipment, etc.

The processing technology of puffed feather powder mainly includes feather cleaning, feather drying, feather puffing, feather paste crushing and drying, feather meal powder packaging, and so on.

The solid space structure of the feather keratin protein is destroyed when the ejection hole is decompressed and expanded. The water content of feather meal after puffing is about 30%~35%. Then use the dryer to dry the feather meal to less than 10% to make high-quality animal protein feed.