Fish cooking machine

Fish cooking machine

The fish cooking machine actually is a piece of stewing equipment for cooking small fish, shrimp, crab, fish minces and so on. The continuous cooking machine mainly performs high-temperature cooking, disinfection, and sterilization of the crushed materials. It can thoroughly cook the material to ensure the quality of subsequent product processing. This fish cooker is an important fish processing machine which is commonly used in the fish meal production line.


During the whole production process of the fishmeal, the fish stewing step is the very necessary link. This automatic fish cooking machine can make sure deep cooking of the fish pieces and it can also kill a large number of bacteria carried in the fish pieces and ensure the quality of the final fish meal. By-products such as fish oil and fish protein can also be precipitated during cooking.

The main body of the fish cooker is a drum structure, which has a screw axis and many inner coil pipes to transfer the steam and provide heating for cooking fish. Besides, there is a motor and the belt pulley structure outside of the cooker. The heating part of the fish cooker is divided into two parts, one is the rotor, the design pressure in the rotor is 0.6MPA, and the design pressure of the outer jacket is 0.6MPA. We should set a boiler for providing the steam heating for this cooker.

The minced fish chopped by the fish cutting machine is fed to the cooking machine through a screw conveyor for cooking. This fish stewing machine can be indirectly heated by steam or heat transfer oil to ensure that the raw fish is evenly cooked. The machine is equipped with an automatic control feed hopper that automatically controls the level of material to ensure that the feed to the cooker is always filled with material. This ensures that the cooking process of the fish pieces is evenly heated and can work continuously.


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