Roasted peanut peeling machine

Roasted peanut peeling machine

Our company has specialised in producing dry peanut peeling machines. Peelers serve the purpose of industrial and commercial peanut peeling. Dry peanut peeling machines are advanced and developed. And they are made of high-quality materials. Nut peeling machine works as an ideal equipment for removing peanut red dress. These machines can process peanuts with different specifications. Besides, our devices are suitable for nuts, including peanuts, almonds and soybeans, etc. We offer our customers advanced dry peanut peeling machines.


Peanut peeling machine is composed of power device(electric motor, belt pulley, belt and bearing,etc), frame, feeding inlet, peeling roller(steel roller or sand roller), suction fan, etc. This machine is equipped with exhaust system and vibrating screen. As this equipment works, it rolls and transmits with friction at different speed. When the moisture of roasted peanuts is less than 5%(in case of burning), the best time for peeling is already. At such a time, exhaust system in peeler will suck red skins of peanuts away. The vibrating screen remove the peanut bud. As a result, peanut kernel is divided into two parts.


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Model Capacity(kg/h) Electric Motor Power(kw) Fan
Voltage(v) threshing rate(%) Frequency(HZ) Dimension(mm)
TZ-1 200-300 0.55 0.37 380/220 ≥98 50 1100*400*1100
TZ-2 400-500 0.55*2 0.37 380/220 ≥98 50 1100*700*1100
TZ-3 600-800 0.55*3 0.37 380/220 ≥98 50 1100*1000*1100
TZ-4 800-1000 0.55*4 0.37 380/220 ≥98 50 1100*1400*1100