The french fries frying machine is used to fry potato slices or strips into potato chips or French fries. We offer three types of potato chips/ french fries fryer. They are a small, automatic batch fryer and continuous chips fryer. These three types of fryers can be heated by electricity or gas. Moreover, they can not only be used to fry potato chips in potato chip production. They can also be used for frying other foods. Commercial french fries frying machine has large production output and low energy consumption. It is the best machine for making fried potato chips or French fries.

Industrial continuous fryer:

This continuous mesh belt french fries frying machine divides into the gas heating type and electric heating type. You also can call it a conveyor frying machine.

Tipping bucket frying machine:

Tipping bucket type french fries fryer machine can discharge the final output automatically by the tilt of the pot. It has a small, middle and big type, and you can choose according to your need. Its capacity ranges from 150kg/h to 550kg/h, and it is very suitable for the small or middle size food processing industries.

Frame chips and fries fryer