The potato blanching machine is to blanch potato chips or french fries in the hot water, and the blanching temperature is 80℃-100℃. The chips and fries blanching machinery is as same as the potato fryer machinery, so you just need to buy one if you want to save cost. The main purpose of using this machine is to remove the starch inside potatoes so as to enable the color of fried potato chips or French fries.



  1. The blanching time is short just within 1-2minutes.
  2. It has different models, and you can choose one in accordance with the capacity you want.
  3. The blanched potato chips bear bright color.
  4. All the potato chips can be blanched evenly.
  5. Each basket has three heating tubes that can work independently.
  6. Wide application. This potato blanching machine not only is suitable for potatoes, but for other fruits and vegetables.