The automatic scrap metal chips briquette machine(vertical metal briquetting machine, hydraulic metal press machine) is the important waste metal resources recycling equipment for briquetting various metal chips and metal powder, such as iron scraps, iron, and aluminum chips, copper, and steel shavings and so on.

This metal chip briquette can cold press various powder or granular metal scraps directly into 3-15 kg cylindrical cakes for easy transportation and furnace operation. The entire briquetting process does not require high temperatures, additives, or other processes. The density of steel scrap after briquetting can reach 5-6 tons T/m³.

Fully automatic metal briquette machine adopts an intelligent PLC control program, its main components: the mainframe is made of cast steel upper and lower beam structure, durable and never deformed. The four hydraulic columns adopt advanced chrome plating technology, which is beautiful and elegant, safe and reliable. The hydraulic oil tank is used to store the working medium. The hydraulic oil is 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil.