Introduction of Pumpkin Seed Extractor Machine

Pumpkin seed extractor ,also called watermelon seed extractor, extracts seeds from the pumpkin, watermelon, wax gourd, melon, gourd, and other melons. Finally, you can get a pretty clean seed. But it needs to be powered by a diesel engine driven by a large tractor or power take-off device. You can complete various operations such as crushing, squeezing, separating, and cleaning at once. In addition, this pumpkin seed extractor is suitable for melons of various sizes.

Matched  power

The power is highly dynamic and uses the power output shaft of a two-wheel tractor, which is especially suitable for plain areas. This machine is easy to use, easy to maintain, safe and reliable and has reasonable performance. It is an ideal seed extractor.

Types of Pumpkin Seed Extractor Machine

There are two types of pumpkin seed extractors. The first is a large size with a capacity of 1500 kg / h. Fieldwork speeds can reach 2-5km / h. The second type is smaller in size and has a capacity of 500 kg / h. Compared to the first type, it is more suitable for personal use and easier to operate and move. Around the world, these two types are very helpful for farmers to extract seeds in the fields.

How pumpkin seed extractor works

The pumpkin seed extractor connects to a large tractor driven by a PTO to function. As the pumpkin hunting rollers walk through the fields, the watermelons and pumpkins are carried to the hopper and into the crushing room, saving a lot of time and effort. After crushing impurities such as melon peel in bottles, they are discharged from the filter bottles on both sides of the seed harvester, and the pulp and sieve of the melon are separated to make relatively clean seeds.