Hydraulic oil press machine

Hydraulic oil press machine

The automatic hydraulic cold pressed oil machine has simple oil extraction procedures, simple operation and high oil extraction efficiency. Besides, the machine occupies a small area and can press oil anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal oil press.


The hydraulic oil press machine is also called cold oil presses. Because, during extraction oil, it mainly adopts the hydraulic oil level pressure to squeeze the oil, and it will not generate high temperature. The oil squeezed by the commercial hydraulic oil press machine can maintain the nutrition of the material and the color is brighter. The cold pressed oil is also purer.


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Several raw materials oil extraction rate

Oil Plants Time/time weigh/time 10-hour produce Oil Yield
Sesame 5-8min 6-9KG 360-520KG 42%-52%
Camellia 6-8min 6-9KG 260-320KG 25%-35%
Walnut 6-8min 6-9KG 260-320KG 50%-60%
Pine Nut 6-8min 6-8KG 310-610KG 45%-60%

Oil press machine technical parameter

Model 6YZ-180 6YZ-230 6YZ-260 TZY-320
Feeding Diameter 180mm 230mm 260mm 320mm
Oil cake diameter 180mm 230mm 260mm 320mm
Heating Range 2kw 2kw 2kw 2kw
Heating coil control temperature 70-100 70-100 70-100 70-100
Pressure 55Mpa 55Mpa 55Mpa 55Mpa
Pressing Time 7 min 8 min 10min 10 Min
Capacity(Per time) 2-3kg 7-8kg 10-12kg 15kg
Capacity 30kg/h 50kg/h 60kg/h 90kg/h
Motor YZ90L-4/1.5kw YZ90L-4/1.5kw YZ90L-4/1.5kw YZ90L-4/2.2kw
Dimension 500*650*1050 600*850*1360 650*900*1450 800*1100*1550
Weight 750kg 1050kg 1400kg 2000kg