plastic recycling machines for Oman
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Engineers at the Shuliy factory have just completed the installation of a plastic recycling machine project in Oman. The Oman plastic recycling project is currently in production and can process about 500 kilograms of plastic particles per hour. Customers are very satisfied with the plastic recycling equipment and after-sales service provided by our Shuliy factory.

In December 2023, Shuliy Factory successfully completed the installation of a comprehensive plastic recycling system for a client in Oman. The order, comprising essential components such as automatic conveyors, plastic shredders, washing machines, dehydrators, plastic granulators, pelletizers, cutters, and storage silos, was designed to meet the client’s specific production needs.

plastic recycling machines in Oman
plastic recycling machines in Oman

Order specifications of Oman plastic recycling line

The plastic pellet production line boasts an impressive hourly output of approximately 500 kilograms. The machinery, including a variety of equipment, was carefully loaded into a 40-foot container and a 20-foot container and shipped to Sohar Port, Oman.

Installation and training support

Recognizing the complexity of the order and the client’s need for a seamless installation process, Shuliy Factory sent two experienced engineers to Oman.

Their mission was to assist with the installation process and provide comprehensive training for the local workforce. This approach ensured that the client’s team could operate and maintain the plastic recycling equipment efficiently.

Client satisfaction

The project manager overseeing the plastic recycling machines in Oman expressed high satisfaction with Shuliy Factory’s equipment and services. The tailored plastic recycling solution not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring a smooth and productive operation.

plastic recycling machines for Oman
plastic recycling machines for Oman

Welcome to choose Shuliy’s plastic recycling machines

This successful installation in Oman exemplifies Shuliy Factory’s commitment to delivering top-notch plastic recycling solutions globally.

From equipment customization to on-site support, we prioritize customer satisfaction, offering turnkey solutions that contribute to sustainable and efficient plastic waste management.

As the plastic recycling industry continues to evolve, Shuliy Factory remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses worldwide to contribute to a more sustainable future.

For more information on our plastic recycling machines or to discuss your unique requirements, contact us today.