Small round silage baler machine

Small round silage baler machine

This is a small silage round baler machine. The silage bale size is 550*520mm. Through the anaerobic and chemical action of microorganisms, the silage machine produces a kind of palatability, high digestibility, and nutrient-rich feed under airtight anaerobic conditions.


The silage baler machine integrates baling and wrapping and it has a conveyor belt feeding system. Using the silage method to preserve the green corn stalks or other crop straws, such as vine leaves, and rice straws for a long time also can preserve their nutrients well. The fully automatic silage baler machine is one of the necessary equipment for animal husbandry. Baling and wrapping film is a method of making silage. In addition, the silage feed has a soft texture and a fragrant taste, which promotes the appetite of cattle and sheep, and solves other seasons The problem of shortage. It can make 50-60 silage bales in one hour. You can wrap two-layer film or three-layer film. Film wrapping speed is 13s for 2 layer film, and 19s for 3 layer film.


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output 50-60 bundles
Bundle Weight 65-100 kg
Supporting Power 15 horsepower/Electrity
Baler Size 550*520mm
Baler Volume 450-500 kg/m³
Machine Weight 850 kg
Rotating Speed 350 rpm
Machine Size 3520*1650*1650
Conveyor Length 1800 mm