The UV sterilizer machine is a device that uses ultraviolet light for disinfection. It uses ultraviolet rays and lamps as the light source, and the 253.7nm ultraviolet rays emitted when mercury vapor is discharged inside the lamp as the main spectral line to sterilize various kinds of packaged foods, drinks, medicinal herbs, and so on.

UV food sterilizer for sale
UV food sterilizer for sale

Why should food be sterilized by ultraviolet light?

  • Microbial disinfection: UV light is highly germicidal and can inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. By treating food with UV light, potential pathogens can be effectively reduced or killed, reducing the risk of food-borne diseases.
  • Extended shelf life: Microorganisms are one of the main causes of food spoilage. UV sterilization can slow down the growth of microorganisms and extend the shelf life of food, keeping it fresher for a longer period during transportation, storage, and distribution.
  • Improved food safety: Food safety is a critical issue, especially when it comes to mass production and supply. UV sterilization is a very effective and chemical-free method of disinfection, helping to ensure that food is not contaminated by harmful microorganisms.
  • Reducing contamination of food industry equipment: Food processing equipment can be a breeding ground for microorganisms. By sterilizing equipment surfaces with UV light, the number of microorganisms on the equipment can be reduced and food contamination can be minimized.
  • Compliance with hygiene standards: Strict hygiene standards are essential in the food processing industry. UV sterilization is a reliable method of complying with hygiene standards and helps to ensure hygiene and safety throughout the food production process.

Structural features of Shuliy’s UV sterilizer machine

The ultraviolet sterilizers provided by Shuliy factory are mostly used in the food processing industry. The structure of the UV sterilizer machine includes a frame, conveyor belt, ultraviolet sterilization structure (lamp tube, electrical device), and lamp.

The length of the machine, the length and width of the conveyor belt, and the length of the UV irradiation area can all be customized. Our factory can recommend suitable machine models for customers based on the raw materials and output they want to process. The specific parameters of the UV sterilizer machine can also be customized according to customer needs.

sterilizer machine in Shuliy factory
sterilizer machine in Shuliy factory

Parameters of UV food sterilizer machine

Machine length(cm)200300600
UV area length(cm)120220520
Number of lamps163264
Number of fans124
UV sterilizer machine parameters