Plastic pellet making machine

Plastic pellet making machine

This equipment is matched with the crushing and cleaning machine and the pelletizer. Broken and cleaned plastic can be directly put into extrusion granulation. Simple process, advanced technology, and suitable for different waste plastics.

Waste Plastic granulation extruder adopts automatic temperature control and electromagnetic heating, with less electricity, no pollution, and high automation.


A plastic pellet making machine is a device for extruding, cooling, and dicing polyethylene (plastic film, lining bag, etc.) or polypropylene (old woven bag, packing bag, tying rope, etc.). It is an important machine to produce plastic granules in the plastic waste recycling line. The granules produced are widely used and are ideal investment projects.

It adopts a special screw design and different configurations. The plastic extruder is suitable for the production of different kinds of plastics for regeneration and color mixing granulation.
The high-torque design of the gearbox achieves smooth performance without noise.
The screw and barrel are specially hardened, with wear resistance, good mixing performance, high output characteristics, vacuum exhaust, or ordinary exhaust port design, which can remove moisture and exhaust gas during production.
More stable, the particles are stronger, ensuring good quality
The plastic recycling pelletizing machine can process 2-30 tons of waste plastic per day. These plastics are processed into plastic pellets of various colors and then used in various industries.


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Model SL-125 SL-150 SL-180
Screw diameter 125mm 150mm 180mm
Main shaft speed 50-70min 40-60min 40-50min
Main motor 22+1.5lw 30+1.5kw 45kw
Capacity 3t/day 5t/day 7t/day/ 24h