The fish meal packing machine is the practical packing and weighing equipment, which has the main function of dividing the fish meal into separate packaging bags according to certain weight requirements and make a good seal. Each of the fishmeal package bags’ weight can be automatically controlled by setting the packing amount in the electric controller, and the patterns and letters of the bags can be customized.

This automatic fishmeal weighing and packing machine is composed of a screw metering machine and powder packaging machine, which can automatically complete the whole packaging process of product metering, feeding, bag filling, aeration (exhaust), and date printing, and has an automatic counting function. It is very suitable for packaging all kinds of powdery materials, such as flour, green bean powder, and so on.

This packer machine adopts the international most advanced microcomputer chip control, 5-inch large screen liquid crystal display, operation interface is simple and easy to use, combined with photoelectric eye tracking, two bag cutting, coder and choose equipped with the exhaust or inflating device.