Electric Drying Oven

Electric Drying Oven

The electric drying oven adopts the axial flow fan, with the automatic constant temperature control system. Its thermal efficiency is more than 95%, adopts a convective heat transfer method to heating the air. Fresh air from the air inlet supplement, waste damp is out from the dehumidification system. Constantly added fresh air and discharged damp to keep the correct relative humidity in the oven. The biggest characteristic of this series of drying ovens is part of the hot air cycling in the cabinet, the entire cycle is closed, so as to enhance the heat transfer, saving energy.



This fruit drying oven is suitable for the material and product hot solidification and dry de-watering in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, farming, side-product, aquatic product, light industries, heavy industries, and other industries. Such as raw material medicine, crude drug, prepared herbal medicine of Chinese traditional medicine, plaster, powder, particle, drinking agent, pill, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, de-watering vegetable, dried fruit piece, sausage, plastics, resin, electric component, baking varnish and so on.


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Model SL-C1 SL-C2 SL-C4 SL-C6 SL-C8
Trolley number 1 2 4 6 8
Trays number 24 48 96 144 192
Loading quantity(kg) 60 120 240 360 480
Electric heating power(KW) 6-9 15 30 45 60
Fan power(KW) 0.45 0.45 0.45*2 0.45*3 0.45*4
Effective volume(M2) 1.3 2.6 4.9 7.4 10.3
External size(mm) 1410*1200*2140 2250*1200*2160 2250*2160*2160 3290*2160*2200 4360*2160*2270